About Us

Brian Wilson is a registered Social worker and has been employed full time at the Ottawa Hospital since graduating with his MSW in 1998.  He has worked in several areas in that time but for more than 10 years he has been working with individuals, couples and families to help them understand themselves and others better, resolve issues and build strong relationships with each other.  Brian can help you and your loved ones work through the pain of a hurting relationship or difficult situation and evolve as individuals, partners and family members. At the Ottawa Hospital he is currently working in a specialized mental health treatment program and also operate a part-time private practice as a counsellor in the east end of Ottawa.  He has collaborated with several other therapists in both settings and values many influences in the field of couples therapy and general counselling. Brian is particularly inspired by the work and writings of Dr. Samuel Raj of the Orleans Centre for Marriage and Family; Sue Johnson, author of Hold Me Tight, a book he recommends to all his couples and Director of the International Centre for Exellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy in Ottawa and; Ellyn Bader and Peter Pearson of the Couples Institute in California from whom he has received many hours of on-line training in couples therapy.

Brian & Kathryn WilsonOn a personal note, Brian is married to Kathryn Wilson, also a counsellor who continues to grow in new pursuits but always has time for Brian and their blended family of five adult children.  She is his confidante and fellow traveller in life.  That first grandchild we have been waiting for  has arrived.  We’re thrilled to have welcomed “Alexander ” into this world in the loving care of his parents.

“Exploring New Horizons Together”