About “Table Talk and Pillow Talk” by Dr. Samuel Raj


As my readers know, I am a social worker in private practice specializing in couple’s therapy.  I started seeing couples in 2002.  At that time and for ten years hence I shared an office with Dr. Raj.  Dr. Raj has launched his first book entitled “Table Talk and Pillow Talk”.  It is a compilation of most of his 160 articles written on a quarterly basis for his clients and referral sources since 1986.  The articles have been subdivided under appropriate chapter headings so that one can easily find the area they want to read more about.  I heartily endorse this book and recommend it to “anyone” because there is something of relevance to “everyone”.  The book is available through Amazon and other publishing websites and will be available on eBook tablets soon.

Whether you are in a good relationship, a bad relationship, getting dumped, dumping someone or starting a new relationship, this book can help you.  Dr. Raj stresses the importance of self-love and total commitment to your partner.  He also challenges us to accept that we are moral beings and capable of treating each other very well.  He is not judgmental however, and not overly technical in his suggestions and insights.  He trained as a marital therapist later in life.  He had already earned several degrees and has a world of knowledge in many disciplines.  I value his knowledge and approach to couple’s therapy so much, I make this book available to my clients to support and enhance what we are covering in sessions together.  Often I actually read parts of a chapter from his book during a session and often send couples home to read a specific chapter before the next session.  I trust that you will enjoy this book as well.


Brian Wilson, MSW/RSW